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In 2011 (information from: Cottenham Cyclist Blog) :

  • 32% of people who live in Cambridge commuted to work by bike.
  • There were 614 minor injuries and 79 serious injuries to cyclists on the road
  • Police found the driver solely responsible in 60%-75% of all cases, and riders solely at fault 17%-25% of the time.

Join us in our mission - help cyclists in Cambridge become more aware of dangers on the road!

  • We believe that Cambridge is a dangerous place to cycle.
  • Providing information to help people cycle more safely in Cambridge.
  • Helpful links to useful websites.
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This website was really useful in helping me avoid dangerous junctions in Cambridge. Thank you!
Ms Steer, student at University of Cambridge
Looking at this website before coming to Cambridge really put my mind at rest after hearing all the horror stories about bike accidents in Cambridge!
Mr Scaredycat, student-to-be at ARU
This website is a great resource for anyone who is cycling in Cambridge.
Mr Green, University porter